Time: Balancing Give & Take

English is a funny language. We say someone “takes their time,” but when they’re doing for someone else are they not “giving of their time”?

There are three resources we are all born with: time, attention, and energy. Individually we may seem to possess different amounts of each, but we all control how these resources are spent. Many of us choose to turn these three into money, which enables us to exchange goods and services we are unable to provide for ourselves.

Hair cutting is one such service many people are unable to satisfy for themselves. So the act of cutting hair uses up two people’s time, attention, and energy. How much of these resources each one invests combined with the trained skills of the cutter contribute to the quality of the final haircut.

The natural passage of time, however, is what ultimately determines the true value of a haircut in appearance, function & feel.  Hair growth destroys all cuts just like weeds destroy a garden or cobwebs a room.  Therefore some consideration must be given to how a particular head of hair will grow out when left at certain lengths in different areas (in front, over the ear, at the hairline, etc.) when being cut. There is a point in time at which even a perfectly proportioned haircut’s pattern will be erased.

If you value a particular look (or feel), return to the same haircutter before nature destroys the previous cut’s results.

~ amanda

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