Haircutting: a Service or an Art?

Is professional haircutting a service or an art?

Does the hair you have detract from, compliment, or enhance your appearance?

Is it really “just hair”? Or could it be cut in a way to frame your unique face?

Should your haircut be something someone “knocks out” for you like a car’s oil change? Or would you rather someone spend a few extra minutes to make sure they’ve done everything they can to make you look your best?

How are you treated before, during and after you’re in the chair? Are you respected, relaxed, listened to, entertained, informed, allowed to zone out, read or nap? Or do you feel pressured, manhandled, talked-over, rushed out, bored, tricked, annoyed, over charged or like your time was wasted?

Ever get the impression a haircutter appreciated the money you gave them more than the time you spent in their chair?

How do you feel when it’s time for a haircut? Do you want to put it off a little longer, unsure where to go this time, or do you readily return to the same person?

Are you consistently satisfied with each haircut or do you settle for inconsistent “okay” ones? Ever feel like your hair’s been butchered?

So . . . is professional haircutting like a personal appearance tune-up or could it be a complex art combining hand & eye skills with the arts of touch, listening, conversation, and forethought*?

* The difference between a good haircut and a great haircut is evident over time. A good haircut will look less good as it grows out. A great haircut will still compliment your features even when ready to be cut again. (Each haircut length and style has a different lifespan so to speak: the shorter the hairstyle the sooner it’s shape will distort and need regular maintenance, whereas long hair can grow for months without a noticeable change.)