tight taperMasculine Clipper Cut:  $15

Clippered sides w/ scissored top: $18

Masculine Scissor Cut: $20

Haircut Editing* / Maintenance**:  $5-7

Additional Grooming (ears, nose, eyebrows, below the collar): $0

Mustache Trim: $2

Goatee Shaping:  $4

Beard Cut:  $6

(Referrals can be given for other services.)

* Editing is minor repair of an unsatisfying haircut received elsewhere. Correcting a poor cut may make the time it takes for the hair to grow out more tolerable. Of course if you would like me to make adjustments to a cut I gave you less than a week ago there will be no charge.

 ** Maintenance means trimming hair on only part of the head. For example: keeping the sides short without taking any off the top or only cleaning up the hairline.

A beard trim showing visible improvement still far from finished.